It’s so hard trying to get over your past. That would mean refreshing itand starting all over again, like from scratch. But we have to someday. It doesn’t really matter how many bad memories the past has, there’s noway you can wake up hoping it’s all gone. The past contains so much pain,heartbreaks and sorrows but happiness also played a […]

PDM Truimps

By Daniel Samuel Lawyer Norman Tjombe has introduced that the PDM and the ECN have each lost their attraction towards the judgment and order of the Electoral court to an arguable listing of participants the party despatched to parliament. The six contributors have to now be removed and the opposite six who had challenged the list will now be sworn […]

Menstrual Hygiene Day Celebrated

By Daniel Samuel Khomas Governor Laura McLeod-Katjirua has joined the Ministry of Education, Arts, and culture – to finance sanitary pads for the girl child. Katjirua made this call during the annual celebration of menstrual hygiene day,anually comerate on 28. The day is well-known for hilight the importance of menstrual care, enhancing cognizance about the social problems and challenges confronted […]

Ookalyamupombo vatatu vakwatwapo mOndangwa

Ku: Helena Fillemon Etanga leameno moshitopolwa shaShana momudingonoko waOndangwa ovali veshipondola nokukwatapo ookalyamupombo ovo vali veliteyela meumbo lomunangeshefa omuChina mOndangwa. Eshi oshali shaningilwa po Namibia iron steel etitano loshivike shadjako, Takukundanawa kutya ookalyamupombo Ava veli vatatu novali vahomata ovaholongi oilwifo yavo nokumbadapaleka ovaameni vomaliko ovo vali pomuvelo pefimbo loilonga. Ovaameni vomaliko nosho yo ovanailonga ovali vadulika eenghono kovalumenhu Ava vatatu, […]

Ohanana yakupulwashi

Ku: Helena Fillemon Opolifi yomomudingonoko WAkhomas, moshilandopangelo movenduka oveli molukongo tavakongo omufeekelwa ali akupulashi ohanana momulamba molukanda latjomuise okupendukila onghela.Omukonakoni woshipofa eshi Silas Shipandeni okwati ohanana oyali yadingaelwa momalapi noyatulwa monailona omo mwahangika yo oikutu yina eehonde. Otakukundanwa kutya ovanhu ova vali vekiivatela momulamba ovo vamono ohanona ei.

Real Madrid crowned champions of Europe 

The Spanish leaders wins another UCL trophy as they take a narrow win over Liverpool in Paris. Los Blanco’s wins 1-0 in Paris to extend their dominance in the competition. The title makes it the 14th which adds to their tally of being the team with the most European champion trophies of all time. Liverpool dominated the match in the first half but could not score they had 5 shots on target in which Real Madrid had none. Despite a troubled start to the […]