Detained activists Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and Michael Amushelelo`s case was once again deferred to the 4th of August 2022, while proceedings into an appeal endeavor at High Court are expected this Friday.    

Verbalizing just after their court appearance, Amushelelo verbalized he has been diligent in reading a Steve Biko book, I Indite What I Like, to pass the time and polish his political literature while awaiting the day they leave prison.  Hendrina Hamunyela, with whom Nauyoma has sired two children, verbally expressed it`s been a horrible 74 days for his children, who perpetually ask where their father is. 

Hendrina had additionally come along with Nauyoma`s mother, who, despite Thursday`s setback, appeared vigorous and much hopeful.  Amushelelo`s wife, Julietta, was additionally in the company of her spouse`s long-time business partner and friend, Gregory Cloete.  She, unlike Hendrina, was extemporary to verbalize with the media. 

As you can optically discern, I am with my little one, so it`s best, maybe catch me another time,” she verbally expressed afore driving off.  For Cloete, the postponement was yet another show of how the state is disposed to drag its feet afore the day of tribulation commences, during which time the activists languish in pre-tribulation detention.

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