Thursday, February 29

Amushelelo Closes Down Soweto KFC

By: Laimi Nghidimbwa

After receiving a complaint from an employee who chose to remain anonymous, Michael Amushelelo, who recently just joined the Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF), took it upon himself to surprisingly show up at KFC Soweto, Windhoek, to consult the manager about the employee’s complaint concerning her.

Upon his arrival, Amushelelo told the customers to leave the store and prevented others from entering to disturb the sales of that day in order to attract the manager’s attention, but hi efforts proved futile as the manager refused to talk to him.

The employee outlined that the lady manager, gives the workers unnecessary warnings each day, saying that the workers do not enjoy their working environment any longer. The worker added, that in addition to not being paid enough for the standard working hours, they work overtime, which is not recognized. The employee further complained of being suspended without any valid reason.

Amushelelo, and his team, managed to have the store closed for at least five hours until the police showed up on the scene, but he still remained tacked, wanting to speak to the manager.

Amushelelo has given the manager until today, to have a discussion regarding this issue, of which he warned failure to do so will result in further closure of the branch, says Amushelelo.


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