Sunday, February 25

Anarchy Can Not Be Tolerated Said Spokespersons Theo Malele

By: Samuel Daniel

The National Taxi Alliance (NTA) has urged commuters to be alert as they
travel to different destinations across South Africa, amid calls for a
“national shutdown” scheduled for today.

We would like to also urge our commuting masses to be fully on alert and
when they experience these threats of violence, they should report them to
the relevant authorities,” NTA spokesperson Theo Malele said.

Malele said the National Taxi Alliance is concerned about the threats of
violence on commuters going about their daily routines. Malele highlighted
that his organisation is not taking part in the purported national
shutdown, and does not even know the people behind the calls for a strike
on today.

With a flurry of social media messages circulating amid calls for a
national shutdown, the National Joint Operational and Intelligence
Structure (NAT Joints) has issued a warning against those found to be
circulating messages of an imminent strike adding that it has put measures
in place to react to the possible shutdown. “The NAT joints met on
Wednesday, 8 June 2022, where they were briefed by the Intelligence
Co-ordinating Committee (ICC) on the validity of the call for a national

The intelligence community is closely monitoring the situation and the
associated risks,” said spokesperson Colonel Athlenda Mathe. “The
intelligence community is closely monitoring the situation and the
associated risks.

“The NAT joints assures members of the public that enforcement of the law
will be executed within relevant prescripts to ensure stability in the
country. ” .

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