Thursday, September 21

Author: Ovaua Kuaima

Activist Pens  a Dawn of Hope

Activist Pens a Dawn of Hope

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By Ovaua Kuaima, Dimbulukweni Nauyoma one of the activists who was arrested for shutting down China town wrote a letter of hope and conviction to Youth PDM members. The congratulatory letter was dedicated to the fellow youth after they were removed from the parliamentary list and as a result, they opened a case against their party and ECN. In the letter addressed to Chairmaine and Hamata, Dimbulukweni who isin the Windhoek correctional facility congratulated the fellow youth on their well-deserved victory and Norman Tjombe who was fighting for the members of the official opposition. “I greet you from the Windhoek correctional facility. As you would have learned over the past weeks we are here but surely following the updates on the outside world. My intent to write this letter is to...