Amushelelo And Dimbulukweni Remain In Customy

Detained activists Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and Michael Amushelelo`s case was once again deferred to the 4th of August 2022, while proceedings into an appeal endeavor at High Court are expected this Friday.     Verbalizing just after their court appearance, Amushelelo verbalized he has been diligent in reading a Steve Biko book, I Indite What I Like, to pass the time and […]

Home Shops Will Not Shutdown – Amupanda

Affirmative Repositioning Movement Leader Dr. Job Amupanda said there is no one who will shut down Home Shops in Windhoek. “This is not London and the London Proposals will remain London Proposals. The chaos and confusion at the City of Windhoek will be sorted over the coming weeks. ENOUGH!” he expressed. This came after the City of Windhoek announced that […]

City Councils Did Not Fail But Opted To Lay The Inculpation

Windhoek Mayor Hon. Sade Gawanas was intransigent that the city`s coalition council has not failed but opted to lay the inculpation at the feet of certain individuals she would not designate. Gawanas verbally expressed this in a press conference on Tuesday; a follow-up to Monday`s press conference that was chaired by the management committee chairperson Ndeshihafela Larandja. Gawanas acknowledged this, […]

Former Keetmanshop Mayor Back On The Boat

Landless Peoples Movement (LPM) has recalled its Keetmanshoop councilor and deputy mayor Charlyta Cooper from the local ascendancy.   Swartbooi had indited a letter to councilor Cooper, verbalizing that she apostatized the party.  I don`t ken, no reason, it was just a letter they inscribed that I am apostatizing the party and so on,” she verbally expressed.   A letter titled `notice […]

Strategy aimed at enhancing youths’ accesses to opportunities

By Samuel Daniel LPM’s Youth Command Element will launch an Integrated Youth Development Strategy. Ndala Duminga, secretary of the  LMP’s Youth Command Element said this at a press conference on Wednesday which was held in Windhoek. The strategy is aimed at enhancing the youth`s ability to access opportunities and participate in the broader economy.  “It will expand the range of […]

Nampol Responded To The Arrest Of The City Of Windhoek Mayor 

Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi said police officers on duty patrolling and hooked to the public members standing on the road, but instead of moving out they pointed a middle finger at the officers.  As a result, the driver reversed to question the use of the finger however this erupted into an argument which led to the arrest of one public member […]