Sunday, February 25

City Councils Did Not Fail But Opted To Lay The Inculpation

Windhoek Mayor Hon. Sade Gawanas was intransigent that the city`s coalition council has not failed but opted to lay the inculpation at the feet of certain individuals she would not designate.

Gawanas verbally expressed this in a press conference on Tuesday; a follow-up to Monday`s press conference that was chaired by the management committee chairperson Ndeshihafela Larandja. Gawanas acknowledged this, verbalizing that she has always fortified her predecessor, Job Amupanda. “Whenever there was an event that he (Amupanda) had spearheaded, I myself, Sade Gawanas, had always committed to fortify. 

 “If any councilor feels they do not opiate to fortify any initiative of myself or council at this stage, I cannot force them to do so. I cannot force them to come to a meeting that the chairperson of the council is hosting.”

 This comes on the heels of NUDO secretary general and former City of Windhoek Coalition Caucus Chairperson Josef Kauandenge admitting that the opposition has failed to tame the city. “We as a collective failed miserably to govern a City like Windhoek. 

Woefully my words have come to manifest themselves in the theatrics playing their unsightly face at the City of Windhoek currently, where albeit NUDO has a Deputy Mayor position there, we have endeavored to intervene abaft the scenes and to call our fellow councilors in the coalition to reason and have pellucidity of purport of why we are in this coalition,” he verbally expressed. We collectively, as opposition parties, have failed our city, and we should be ignominious!

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