Sunday, February 25

City Of Windhoek Launched The ICERAC

By Staff Reporter

The City of Windhoek (CoW) have launched the Integrated Community Education and Risk Awareness Campaign (ICERAC) at the organization’s headquarters in Windhoek today.

According to CoW, the campaign will aim at creating awareness and train local communities on how they can reduce community vulnerability to specific hazards and public safely issues that have the potential to cause emergencies or disasters.

“The campaign will focus on fire prevention, floods, handling of chemicals, usage of candles, gas, and paraffin, health and hygiene promotion, environmental protection issues, and emergency communications,” said Lydia Amutenya.

The event was attended by Fredika Shigwedha on behalf of the ministry of urban and rural development.

 To address the issue of risk in a community, their understanding of hazards and how to prevent disasters from negatively impacting the community, needs to be cultivated to form an integral part of any risk reduction strategy,” said Sade Gawanas. Mary-Anne Kahitu, the acting Strategic Executive: Economic Development and Community Service said that there will be a second leg of the campaign that will engage the community of which the date and time was not communicated.

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