Sunday, February 25

City Police Joint Hands With UNAM SRC To Find An Amicable Solution To Student Safety 

The University of Namibia (UNAM), Members of the Windhoek City Police, The UNAM Security team and the Student Representative Council (SRC) recently met to discuss possible measures to improve student safety amid an increase in criminal activities near the campus.

Senior Superintendent at the City of Windhoek Police said that crime prevention is a community effort that requires all stakeholders’ contributions.

“Even though it is the police’s responsibility to keep everyone safe, the police cannot do it alone, we need to form a partnership with students and UNAM to close the gaps that criminals use in this area,” added Muyoba.

Superintendent at the City Police, Cillie Kapolo said forging such partnerships will speed up crime prevention measures and SRC can initiate a student safety programme that the police and UNAM security can support. 

” On behalf of the student council, we are committing that we will play our part in sensitizing students and I urge UNAM Security and City Police to ensure their presence is felt, even though crime prevention is a collective effort”, added SRC Immanuel Simao.

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