Thursday, September 21

Community Members’ Questioned Lawrence Sampofu

By: Daniel Samuel

This week, Sampofu claimed that secessionist activities are taking place inside the vicinity, spearheaded by a few young instructors and elements from Dukwi.

Sampofu expressed this in his country of the place address (SORA), in which he said the activities are being conducted below the Caprivi concerned organization (CCG) umbrella. there’s a group of younger humans, a number of them instructors, who name themselves the Caprivi worried organization,
who’re advocating, campaigning and mobilizing for the banned United Democratic party of Mishake Muyongo.

Some of the returnees in Dukwi, Botswana, are also becoming a member of in mobilising some communities to guide secessionism activities within the vicinity” stated Sampofu. I don`t think the activities finished by using the Caprivi worried institution (CCG) are a safety concern due to the fact
these guys have petitioned the government.

This is the massive threat that the governor turned into alleged to consciousness on and now not to cognizance on the CCG difficulty,” he stated. but, Sylvester Kabajani from the Namibian Lives be counted motion (NLMM) stated that the CCG become sporting out work that is agitating in the direction of the independence of the Caprivi, but that by myself became not a safety situation of massive proportions.

Kabajani stated the governors pronouncement would possibly hinder tourism sports in the place "I don’t recognise in which his observation is being drawn from, but I accept as true with the security cluster within the USA is nicely aware of what CCG is all approximately, and that is a group that
has been in life for a completely long time. ” If they are absolutely posing the sort of big risk, I assume the security of this country is vested sufficient with sources to cope with them,” he stated.

The subsequent years, the CCG petitioned Sampofu, calling for talk with the government to speak about topics to do with what they referred to as the “freedom of Caprivi”.

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