Monday, September 25

Creating Your Trend

By Sevelinus Kalembela

In a world where clothes are a necessity, new trends are always surfacing. People  are obsessed with trends because joining a trend means that you are part of a group and this gives senses of belonging . Creating trends is all about taking something that already exists twisting it and making it yours. Trends need to be unique and interesting, when creating trends always take risks and be unconventional, it’s rewarding to see others emulating and appreciating your outfits and craft.

Tips on how to create trends

1. When creating trends pick something from every trend, try mix matching the outfits

2. Always look to older fashion for inspiration you can always get something from the 90s, 70s and 80s

3. Being a trendsetter requires a little bit of creativity and some work to get the look you are searching for.

4 .Always wear the same style if you want others to emulate you.

5 .Make your outfits original and simple, not everybody loves loud outfits

6 .lastly imagine how it will take off.

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