Sunday, February 25

Fashion And Confidence

By Sevelinus  Kalembela

Can clothes alter the way we approach and interact with the world? Fashion has a way of making us feel empowered and confident, but that doesn’t mean that we are what we wear, and we don’t become what we wear. Different people have different approaches to fashion, some people regard fashion as a form of protection, while others use it as form of expression. Fashion is all about self-awareness in order to feel confident dolled up, you should know your style, the colours that you look best in and pieces that radiates your personalities as well as brings out your body. Surrounding yourself with people that love to dress up, increases your confidence and enhances your style, while staying around people that are envious and judgmental and do nothing to clean up drags you down and makes you insecure. Fashion can transform you, only if you allow it.

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