Sunday, February 25

Fifa keen to introduce robot linesmen in world cup

By Filemon Haininga

Fifa president Gianni Infantino is expected to introduce robot lineman in the upcoming November world cup. After the trials of the robots have been successfully tested in November last year in the club world cup match won by Liverpool there is no doubt on replacing the current linesman with the robots.

According to the UK online newspaper The Sun, there are signs that the technology does work, bringing far quicker offside calls than the current VAR line-led system, world chiefs are due to give a positive update regarding the use of the robots in due time.

The robots are reported to have 10 cameras that track 29 body parts of each player on the pitch. It means that England’s opener against Iran on November 21 will be only the second game in which the technology is deployed.

However, a final decision will be taken by Fifa after a full analysis of the data from the trials.

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