Sunday, February 25

Fillemon-Teach-Us The Rising Star

By Anna Shomwele

 A rising singer-songwriter from Ohangwena region Fillemon Shomwele well known by his stage name Fillemon-Teach-us. He is reckoning to be the next big thing in the Namibian music industry.

Fillemon -Teach-us joined the music industry in 2018 and has released two albums, in 2020 Be your life president, and 2021 Doubt kills dreams. He said they have been doing all well according to the fan base and his very proud.

 Despite the challenges in the music industry “I enjoy music, music is my life and I do it with love and nothing can stop me from music.

I recorded my very first song in secondary school so technically I have been part of this industry before 2018,” he said.

Fillemon -Teach-us claim to have been inspired by so many people in the music industry the likes of Young T, Exit, Mushe and other superstars in the industry.

“The reason why I decided to join music Is more than just music, he said. through music I get to talk to people and touch souls, people don’t just want music but words that touches their heart and that is what I deliver “Fillemon -Teach-us said.

“Music is my talent and I appreciate all that supports me in the journey my fans, family, friends, and haters because they all help me build my musical career,” he said.

He is working on his third album title Due Date and is to be released in September this year “I want people to appreciate themselves for the little things they have in life and for it to be the due date to all worries, doubts and to be their own life presidents,” he said. “I am working on bigger things and my fans should expect more good music and entertainment. Fillemon-Teach-us,

the young fellows to join the industry must believe in themselves, stay positive and do music if they really love music and not just because others do music.”

For booking contact: 0813214748 and can reach him on his social media pages Instagram Fillemon -Teach-us DKD empire, Facebook Fillemon -Teach-us and Twitter @fillemonUs.

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