Sunday, February 25

Foreigners Arrested For Attempting To Bribe NamRA Officials

In a media release by NAMIBIA REVENUE AGENCY(NamRA) this morning, it is alleged that two foreigners were arrested for attempting to bribe NamRA officials in Windhoek.

The two individuals are from Angola and China respectively.

A Chinese male was apprehended at the NamRa offices on Monday while an Angolan female was arrested at the ACC premises for allegedly offering a bribe of fifty thousand Namibian dollars(N$50 000) to a NamRA staff, the statement read.

According to the media release, the bribe was intended to influence the release of six million Namibian dollars(N$6 000 000) belonging to a trading entity that has been subjected to freezing.

The suspects are scheduled to appear in the Magistrates Court in due course.

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