Landless Peoples Movement (LPM) has recalled its Keetmanshoop councilor and deputy mayor Charlyta Cooper from the local ascendancy.  

Swartbooi had indited a letter to councilor Cooper, verbalizing that she apostatized the party.  I don`t ken, no reason, it was just a letter they inscribed that I am apostatizing the party and so on,” she verbally expressed.  

A letter titled `notice of withdrawal as councilor from the Keetmanshoop Municipality` was sent and signed by LPM`s operative secretary Dawid Eigub to the chief executive officer of Keetmanshoop regarding the withdrawal of Cooper. 

“This communique accommodates to apprise you that the Political Action Committee (PAC) of the Landless People`s Kineticism has on the 20 July 2O22 resolved in terms of Section13. 1 (g), subsection (3) and (4) of the local ascendancy act 1-992, Act 23 of 1992 to withdraw, Mrs Charlcyta Cooper from the Keetmanshoop municipality with immediate effect,” it reads.  

The letter additionally divested Cooper`s powers to partake in the council activities of the Keetmanshoop local ascendancy.  In a letter last week Wednesday, Swartbooi verbalized the information he received is that Cooper shares critical information about the party. 

 He had additionally verbally expressed the sharing of this information comprises the work of the party.  Swartbooi additionally verbally expressed Cooper`s alleged actions do not meet the standards of the deputy mayor and expressed his solicitousness about her competency to lead.  

In replication to the letter by Swartbooi, Cooper inscribed back, asking the bellwether to furnish her with evidence that she apostatized the party.  “I hereby request you to furnish proof of critical information that I have shared with other functionaries that are deemed to have compromised my adhesion and membership to the party,” Cooper verbally expressed in a letter. 

She further expressed that she became a member of the Landless Peoples Movement in 2017 due to her political interest and that the party addresses issues concerning the salubrity of the ||Kharas Region and Namibian people at astronomically immense.  

LPM spokesperson Eneas Emvula additionally attested that the party recalled Cooper, verbalizing that “the party itself initiated the decision.” However, gainsaid that Cooper responded to the allegations in the letter by Swartbooi and verbalized she never responded to a letter.  

When asked about the letter Cooper sent seeking evidence in regards to the allegations of apostasy, he verbally expressed: “She conventionally sends letters to the media, in lieu of to the office of the party who has placed her in that position. 

” Emvula verbalized the operative secretary Eigub is cognizant of the letter that recalled the deputy mayor.  

The head office had collectively requested Councillor Cooper to gainsay or rely on the allegations,” he verbally expressed.  When further asked if Cooper remains as a member of the party, he verbally expressed to become a member of a political party is voluntary because of the eviction shared with the party. 

Meanwhile, Verbalizing on Thursday, former Keetmashoop mayor and now mundane councillor Gaudentia Krohne verbally expresses LPM has the majority, so it might not affect accommodation distribution in the town.

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