Sunday, February 25

Found and Arrested

By Samuel Daniel

The Namibian Police has arrested a 23-year old woman in the kidnapping case of a three-month old infant in Tsumeb.Albertina Jason, also known as Tina, is from Onakasino village Amillema, Oshikoto region, and is due to  appear in the Tsumeb Regional Court on a case of kidnapping.Jason was  found with the baby boy, who who was reported  missing  by his mother from Onhele -Yiwa village.

More people that are  suspected to be accomplices  have been arrested and already made their first appearance in court . The fellowing accomplice is  Lydia Kaunehafo Shimbilinga from Onhele- Siwa village, Ohangwena area, and her 25-year old brother Joseph Natangwe Shatilwe, who is a safety officer in Swakopmund.The suspects are detained at Tsumeb Police holding cells and their case is postponed to 17 August for further investigation.

It is alleged that the mother of the baby was  lured to Tsumeb after receiving a proposal to work as a domestic employee,when she arrived in Tsumeb an unknown man and woman met her and gave her N$400.00 to go purchase food at a neighborhood retail shop,upon returning  her baby was no where to be found as well the lady, she then informed the police and  a search  commenced.

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