Sunday, February 25

Geingob Applauds NANSO

By Sakaria Samuel and Mac Donald Kandukua

The Namibian National Student Organisation (NANSO) held its annual Congress under the theme -Reshaping Education Post-Pandemic: Enhancing Organisational Capacity-Fostering Unity. 

 Speaking at the event His Excellency President Dr. Hage G. Geingob whose contributions to the Namibian leadership fraternity is evident in his track record highlighted that the Government of the Republic of Namibia continues to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with the vanguard student’s movement- NANSO.

Geingob further said that, since Namibian’s independence, cooperation between the Government and NANSO has enabled the public sector to formulate and champion responsive pro-youth and pro-student policies, while ensuring that the requisite governance mechanism exist to enable accountability and transparency and support the effort in building a united, inclusive and prosperous Namibian house.

Moreover, Geingob, explained that NANSO formed part of the revolutionary vanguard that played an instrumental role in the process, by rallying students and learners across the country and galvanizing young people to actively advocate against the systematic discrimination carried out by Apartheid South Africa.

 “I have noted with keen interest that NANSO has not abdicated it’s historic position of fighting social inequalities, because even today, the statement has held true that: without equal access to quality education, the can be no equal access to opportunity and prosperity. It is my hope that through this 17th National Students Congress which will discuss and deliberate on our education system, and where a new national leadership will be elected into office, you will remain committed towards exploring and promoting ideas and policies that are both innovative and sustainable,” Geingob said.


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