Among the self-driven youth dedicated to making a difference in the Namibian economy is Annastasia Aindongo (21), a business owner of a clothing brand named Crochets by Annah.

Crochets by Annah was established in November 2020 and sells a variety of items such as dresses, tops, bags, and even bikinis.

Aindongo explained that the main objective of the business is to create and sell quality and affordable products to enhance the business and brand reputation.

“Passion has always been a driving force for me, being able to see the impacts of my own work that has consistently received positive feedback,” Aindongo said.

The self-driven crocheter has thus far managed to export her products to the United Kingdom (UK).
“I managed to export my work to the UK, and the client appreciated it. I would definitely want to do it more often when I have orders outside Namibia just to market the brand,” she said.

Aindongo is currently a third-year education student at the University of Namibia in Katima Mulilo.
She is currently running her business alone but hopes to work with a team in years to come.
“I have a career I need to focus on.

Therefore, I only attend to the crochet business on a part-time basis, but I hope to have a team that will assist me when I am busy with my work,” said Aindongo.

With so many people taking up crocheting as a business or hobby, she says what distinguishes her designs is that they are always done from the heart, and she produces designs that she enjoys.
As a result, she counseled those in a similar industry to constantly be unique.

“Never try to compete with the enterprises of others. We all do things differently and have our own distinct methods of doing things. Instead, let the person or company you wish to compete with encourage you,” she stated.

Comparison is the thief of joy, and people in business should be inspired or encouraged by others rather than feeling like they are competing with them.

Crochets by Annah can be found on Instagram at @crochetsbyannah or by phone at 0814883447.

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