Sunday, February 25

“I have never stolen cash from taxpayers,” Ramaphosa tells ANC

By: Samuel Daniel 

LIMPOPO – ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa says he has in no way stolen money from the kingdom or anybody in mild of accusations made against him by means of former undercover agent boss Arthur Fraser.

Speaking at the Limpopo 10th provincial conference, Ramaphosa publicly clarified tendencies around theft that took place at his Phala Phala recreation farm in 2020.

This is Ramaphosa’s first public cope because Fraser laid a crook grievance towards him.

He insisted to delegates that he would not prevent combating corruption because he did not scouse borrow from taxpayers. “I have by no means stolen cash from anywhere whether its taxpayers, be it from all people. I have in no way completed so. My integrity as a frontrunner will in no way allow me to achieve this,” Ramaphosa said

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