By Rauna Kakulisile
The best feeling that one can never explain or even define it but it’s just something, that can be felt. It’s so amazing to be in love it takes you places you have never seen before. You know that feeling when you just can’t stop smiling not even for once, that feeling that makes you listen to love music, that feeling that makes you laugh at silly jokes, it’s the same feeling that makes you taste the next 60 years of your life.

There’s always that one person, you just can’t seem to forget. Despite the fact that this person is the exact same person who keeps breaking your heart all over again and again,but you still let this person do it. You can’t seem to just forget them, move on and pick another page for yourself, perhaps with someone else, somewhere out of this world. Don’t hold on to someone especially when you know it’s not worth it.

I mean living in a world of fantasy comes down to nothing. If it’s over then it’s just over, I know what I’m saying doesn’t sound easy yeah perhaps “talk is cheap” like they say, but the easy way in is the hard way out if you get me. We all believe in love when we meet someone who claims to love us, someone who cares for us and makes us feel safe, someone we are comfortable with by telling our problems to them, it makes us think that we finally found the “Right” person, “Yeah right” if you only knew why you are infore, sorry easier said than done.

Maybe love is not for all of us or maybe who knows there might be someone made for us out there. Someone who will really be there till the end, someone who won’t make empty promises, but who will be there till your very last breath, someone who cares and someone who can just be there.

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