Monday, September 25

LPM rebukes allegations of ethnicity and regionalism

By Laimi Nghidimbwa

Bernadus Swartbooi’s political party has received allegations of ethnic and regionalism by Hosea Shizhiveni Neumbo, through his letter published on the 22nd April 2022 in a state-funded newspaper titled “LPM must become a nationalist party’’.

In the letter, Neumbo stated that, the LPM national leadership is ethnic-based , and that the party is hinged on nationalism.

Eneas Emvula, the LPM’s National Spokesperson declined the claims by stating that, the pronouncement of the said letter has hallmarks of political motivated nature or that its author is a fellow citizen that needs to gain more knowledge on the formation of opposition parties in across post-independence African countries and the causes of the demise of those ( opposition parties) that no longer exist or face an increasing reduction of their political support base.

“Namibia has not had an alternation of power since independence. The country’s political landscape was over three decades dominated by one political party causing a distinct imbalance of power between the opposition and the ruling party monopolizing the parliamentary decision-making process,” he said.

Emvula further said that the party is formed based on the principles of  Namibia that is united, prosperous, and with a thriving democracy. The party hails from all the fourteen regions of Namibia and it is representative of all the people from all ethnic backgrounds.

“We are guided by the values that foresee Namibia being a prosperous constitutional democracy, inclusive and united in her diversity. As a political party, we value and accept constructive criticism. Our political relevance is pinned on substantiated public opinion,” he said.

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