Sunday, February 25


By Rauna Kakulisile

Memories, at times can be what keeps us going while at times it can be what breaks us. It’s good to relive the good memories but what about the bad ones?

We do keep things from our past I don’t know about you but I do keep a few. There are people out there and I’m not just talking about a boyfriend, girlfriend or friend but also those you have met once in a lifetime. These are the people who have brought us so much joy and again so much pain, they make life seem like a dream a very impossible one, with them life is something, cause they make it worth living. Everyone wants to keep a little something of someone just to remember them. But how do we forget or forgive those who have hurt us so much, those we trusted so much but then they broke the trust as if what you once had meant absolutely nothing to them.

They make you hate life for what it is even though we know there’s nothing that can be done to change it. Memories are more of our past, yes we can visit our past but let’s not live in it because if we do we just might end up destroying something good that’s probably already happening. Moving on is not easy but what’s worse than that, is living a fantasy, guys don’t waste your time on something you know won’t work as much as you hate to see things for what they are that’s just how much I hate to see you suffer, all for nothing.

At some point you will get through it no matter how hard it is you will break through the hard walls of earth, because remember that where it’s stormy, there won’t always be rain.

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