Sunday, February 25

Men’s Fashion Stugnat

By Sevelinus Kalembela

Women’s fashion keeps evolving every season, while men’s fashion remains the same, society says that it’s because men care less about fashion than women. Fashion continues to give women exciting and breath-taking looks, while giving men humdrum outfits. Men’s fashion is ruled by tradition and society’s idea of how a man is suppose dress.

Women are praised for pulling on bold looks, looks that give them personality, and criticizing men for, breaking away from the stereotypes of fashion. Society believes that what men seek in fashion is boring and uniform. Men can have style, only if society permits them to, giving the same coverage and acceptance that women receive. More men are wanting to be expressive when it comes to fashion, but fear what society is going to say about them. are men conservative when it comes to fashion? It’s hard to tell, the lack of representation of menswear in the media and the stores makes it look like man care less about fashion than women. Maybe, just maybe its better for men to stick to tradition than to wear something that will get them ridiculed by society.

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