Sunday, February 25

Music Therapy At Katutura Hospital Chinese Wing

By Staff Reporter

The Chinese medical team in Namibia has introduced modern Chinese Medicine
Music Therapy (CMMT) to their array of already popular Tradition in Chinese
Medicine (TCM).

Medical team leader, Dr Zhou Haijiang said his team is the first one to
introduce the technique which they integrate with other TCM techniques to
fully reach the required treatment. “We have just recently introduced the
therapy this month following the upgrade of our Chinese clinic at the
Katutura State Hospital,” he said, while he urged Namibians to come to try
a different form of treatment.

Zhou said the therapy is conducted for a 20-minute session at the Katutura
State Hospital, while the patient lies down comfortably listening to the
music through the use of earphones while acupuncture is also administered.

Zhou and his team who have been in the country since July 2021 hope that
people in Namibia consider and open up to the newly introduced CMMT, which
will be integrated with other TCM to help fight of ailments and live a
healthy life.

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