Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi said police officers on duty patrolling and hooked to the public members standing on the road, but instead of moving out they pointed a middle finger at the officers. 

As a result, the driver reversed to question the use of the finger however this erupted into an argument which led to the arrest of one public member who was later identified as Her Worship, (Windhoek) Mayor Sade Gawanas.  

While at the place of the incident, the driver of the mayor allegedly alerted the Wanaheda Police Station commander who then ordered her release.  Consequently, the mayor went to the Wanaheda Police Station and opened charges of crimen injuria, unlawful arrest, and common assault.  

“Our expectation is that crime prevention-related matters must be solved amicably, without recourse to violence even when dealing with, unruly and uncooperative people, and intoxicated people too, who, without provocation, are insulting and even assaulting the officers on duty”, said Commissioner. 

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