Sunday, February 25

Ndafyaalako Stands her Grounds

By Chuma Mubumbe

The University Of Namibia (UNAM) recently hosted its graduation ceremony at the Keetmanshoop campus where Julia Ndafyaalako, graduated with Cum Laude in Nursing & Midwifery.

With all the devastation of her son Spencer Mandela who went missing in December 2020, his disappearance had major effects towards Ndafyaalako’s studies.

Despite all the up and downs Ndafyaalako’s family and everyone close to her gave her a push of encouragement as this was her dream and promised her Son for a better future.

“I graduated because of my Son, I know I did something good for him. At first, I did not want to attend the ceremony, but after all the counseling sessions I had with the Psychologist who encouraged me to go, I then decided to make my way through to receive what I had promised my son,” she said.

Ndafyaalako conquered all the odds & stands her ground as a Graduate, she still has hope on the whereabouts of her son and is pleading with anyone with information to come forward.

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