Monday, September 25

No news leads in Spencer Mandela Nakale Missing Case

By Chuma Mubumbe

It has been over a year and months since Spencer was last seen by his family. The police in the /Kharas region are still on the lookout with diving deep into the case.

In an interview with News Wave Media Julia Ndafyaalako, Spencer’s mother explained that she never thought anything like this would happen to her and all she wants is closure. She added that she miss her son and if anyone knows anything, they should come forward.

“Spencer was a happy child and he was always bubbly like a normal toddler would be. When I use to come back from school, he would be standing at the gate waiting for me and bless me with neck hugs and kisses. He was always a helping hand in whatever we did at home.” she said.

In a telephonic interview, //Kharas crime investigations coordinator Deputy Commissioner Chrispin Mubebo, said the police have tried to get prime information with the assistance of the public, but yet no recent developed details have been discovered.

“We are still looking forward to anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Spencer. If there is any news that can be a leading factor to the case, you can contact the parents of Mandela or the nearest police station.” he said.

Ndafyaalako further mentioned that, If someone has information, it would be better if they put themselves in her shoes. “You give birth to a child, you raise the child until a certain age. As for my son he was 3 years ten months at the time, he just went for a sleep over at the Aunt’s place who lives in an informal settlement in Luderitz Area 7, which means he was amongst the community, obviously someone saw something. Just put yourselves in our shoes as the parents and say something anonymously.” she weeped in tears.

Ndafyaalako  blames herself, because she took her son to Luderitz, and that is where the anger towards herself comes from. “As a mother I should have known something was going to happen and I was not suppose let Spencer go with Helena.” She cried

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