By: Anely Shitangi

The minister of Justice Yvonne Dauseb yesterday told the national assembly that the increasing cases in numbers of gender-based violence mean no one is safe. She was responding to a contribution by a member of parliament on enabling to stop of domestic gender-based violence amendment bill yesterday. 

The recent brutally killing of Chairmaine Saron Khroe Oweses and the murders allegedly at Okangwena in Ondangwa killed by NDF member on Sunday make conversation so raw. The little 2-year-old girl and the mother aged 37 Ruth  Immanuel were allegedly killed by her boyfriend on Sunday at Okangwena in Ondangwa. 

Saron was reportedly fatally stabbed 24 times in Windhoek more than a week ago and these acts have blighted the nation’s reputation regionally, internationally she said. 

Dauseb said that Namibia is fleeing helpless and women continue to fear their lives when these incidents continue to occur. The minister said this issue occurs due to the application of the law on its own is not enough. Dauseb said only once this has been accomplished then we truly claim to be a society with respect for all people equal with inalienable rights to equality, respect, and dignity. “We need to work together in changing the attitude and mindsets of all people to make Namibia a safe place to live” she said. 

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