Thursday, September 21

Nurses, doctors should report gay people to the police – Swapo MP

Swapo member of parliament Laurentius Makana Iipinge said the Marriage Amendment Bill should include a provision that will allow nurses and doctors to report make gay people who may seek medical attention to the hospitals to the police.

Iipinge who is also the councillor for Okalongo constituency said this in the National Council this week.
According to him homosexuality should be criminalised and all same sex persons proven to be in an intimacy relationship should be arrested.

Another Swapo parliamentarian Andreas Amundjindi from Uukwiyuushona constituency said all members of parliament either from the National Council or National Assembly should act their gender.
“Anyone who acts otherwise… do the honourable thing and resign,” he said.
Calling homosexuality “moral decay”, Amundjindi said the homosexuality should not be allowed in Namibia.

“You cannot turn an exit into an entrance. If something is for exit, it’s just exit. You cannot turn it. Why do they want to turn anus into an entrance? We cannot allow that,” Amundjindi said.
The bill was passed by the National Council this week and will be referred back to the National Assembly. The bill was recently introduced in the National Assembly by Swapo member of parliament Jerry Ekandjo.

This bill sought to override a high court ruling which recognized same sex marriages legally concluded in foreign jurisdictions involving a Namibian citizen and foreign citizen rendering them inconsequential to Namibia.

It would be interesting to see the outcome of the private members bill and how it is going to change the high court’s ruling with regards to same sex marriages conducted in foreign jurisdictions.
The national council has granted its bills without getting any objections during the review of these bills, with all the referred bills being passed by ascent of the President. These bills› final procedure depends on the final procedural steps before being signed into the law by the president.

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