Thursday, February 29


Ongwediva – a well-known businessman in Zola location in Ongwediva is accused of ramming his vehicle into the residence of Tobias Mathews while allegedly under the influence.

The incidence happened early on Monday morning around 03h00 in Lazarus Street in Zola location and attracted a huge crowd of onlookers. The owner of the house condemned police “inaction’’ and wants the controversial businessman to repair the damages.

Mathews told this reporter that police showed no interest in the case describing the incident as “minor’’.

“The police told me to go and negotiate with (him) but he was still under the influence. Since we are neighbors, I approached him but he was rude and told me to thank God that no one died in the incident. I was speechless when I heard that from him, ‘’ the devastated Mathews said.

Eyewitnesses described the businessman as “troublesome’’. They further accuse him of doing things irrationally. “ He always damages people’s property and tells his victims he is a rich businessman and can pay the damage on the spot, ‘’ said an eyewitness who preferred to remain anonymous in case there are repercussions.

People were fast asleep when the incident took place but fortunately no one was injured. “ Although he gets arrested after an offence, he is always out on bail, but we are not happy and we are scared of our property being damaged as we are near his bar and house, ‘’ one witness said.

Neighborhood residents Maano Shipanga and Soini Lamanguluka said they were sleeping when the incident happened but woke up to a loud bang. They ran out of their house and found the businessman asking people to remove his car from the scene.

“ I went to sleep with my friends since my room was destroyed, and waited until he was sober to listen to us since he was still under the influence, “ Lamanguluka said.

He appealed to the police to patrol the location especially at night.

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