Sunday, February 25

OvaHerero has lost Respect- Kapuuo 

By Ovaua Kuaima

Acting Paramount of the OvaHerero and the Chairperson of the OvaHerero Traditional Authority lashed out at his people at annual  the commemoration of the late Paramount Chief Dr Kuaima Riruako recently in Windhoek at the Herero Commando no :2.

Kapuuo who remembered Kuaima Riruako as somebody whom he knew and loved, told his people that there was no way Ovaherero are going to be United with young people within his community disrespecting elders.

“We have lost respect among our people, and with that we should forget about unity, how are we going to get it whilst even other people sees that we don’t respect each other?”, he stressed.

Kapuuo went on to remind his people that he is not interested in running for the Paramount Chief position, but is holding it till the right time comes.

“I am not a candidate for this position, I am acting on this position until the right time comes.” I am  urging all capable candidates to come forth and go for  election fairly”. Kapuuo said.

Another speaker at the occasion was Dr Hoze Riruako who spoke on behalf of the Riruako clan.

Riruako in his speech said that some of those who fought for liberation of this country have not yet benefited from the cake of the country’s Independence, thus he was referring to the group of  men,who were sent by Chief Hosea Kutako out if the country through Botswana.

The professor also touched on the disunity among the Ovaherero people and said that division have started way back during the Kutako’s, Kapuuo’s leadership.

“Division within our tribe is not something new it is just that this time around there is pride and people do not know what they are doing”.

Dr Riruako further urged his people to ensure that they vote wisely in the 2024 election for whatever party of their choice.

“I am appealing to all the Ovaherero nation to think about the contribution they have made to all the political parties, I want you to go back now and think for yourself , what does your vote mean for yourself, and what does your vote mean for the Herero nation”. He asked.

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