Sunday, February 25


It’s so hard trying to get over your past. That would mean refreshing it
and starting all over again, like from scratch. But we have to someday.

It doesn’t really matter how many bad memories the past has, there’s no
way you can wake up hoping it’s all gone. The past contains so much pain,
heartbreaks and sorrows but happiness also played a part let’s not forget
that I believe that we are who we are today also because of our past.
Though at times we would really love to change our past but we can’t all we
can do is avoid having to repeat them in the near future. Sometimes it’s
not worth reliving it again because it can cause a wrong turn in your
present. But the past is no longer in your possessions’ but the present is,
we have to decide, to avoid misconceptions. At times we wake up hoping to
see a someone from the past, but ‘nah’ we don’t and that causes our hearts
to flinch just alittle, but yet that pain could last a lifetime not being
able to move on.

Sometimes our present gives us so much joy than our past ever did, but in
the end that would be our past again. It makes me wonder how many more
memories are we going to leave behind. So many memories left behind but yet
so much pain to put up with.

We have to move on, forget what has happened, and leave it behind because
there is no way you can ever change it irregardless. Being in the past,
means living the past. Get over it, and live your life the way you should.

🦋 Rauna Kakulisile

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