Thursday, February 29

PDM Truimps

By Daniel Samuel

Lawyer Norman Tjombe has introduced that the PDM and the ECN have each lost their attraction towards the judgment and order of the Electoral court to an arguable listing of participants the party despatched to parliament.

The six contributors have to now be removed and the opposite six who had challenged the list will now be sworn in with immediate effect.

The subsequent will now make it to parliament: Maximiliant Katjimune, Charmaine Tjirare, Reginald Diergaardt, Mike Venaani, Frans Bertolini, Yvette Araes, following that excessive courtroom ruling.

The subsequent are out: Esmeralda Esme !Aebes, Johannes Martin, Kazeongere Zeripi Tjeundo, Geoffrey Kupuzo Mwilima, Thimoteus Ndumba, Sydney Shihumbu and Pieter Mostert.Attachments area

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