Sunday, February 25


Perfection, perfection, Im not perfect, nor are you, or him or her. But what I do know is we are all human, and none of us have met perfection.

People fail to understand what life is really about. Most of the people out there want to have a perfect life, perfect partner or just everything. But that’s were they are wrong because perfection might just be a word that exists in a dictionary, in the movies or yes perhaps in our fantasies but not in reality. It really doesn’t matter how perfect life is it will never be able to give us everything we ever desire, no matter how perfect we would want our partners to be they won’t “always” change for us, and no matter how perfect everything can be it won’t offer us what we are looking for.

If the world or life had to offer exactly everything of what we are looking for then,life would no longer be fun because there would be nothing to experience or explore, because in the end things will be precisely the way we want it to be, now that would be boring and dull. Right? From what I know and have seen it’s really always nice to meet someone who has a different sense of humour from yours, someone who is rather unique, with flaws and perhaps a heart of gold. Don’t ever doubt yourself just cause someone wants you to be different, no one knows you better than you know yourself. Just know that you are a very special person and you have amazing flaws, just the way you are.

It doesn’t really matter if someone wants you to be different, just because… Trust me when I say this be, true to yourself because no matter how imperfect you might think you are, there’s someone out there who’ll love you perfectly.

🦋 Rauna Kakulisile


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