Professional Games Match Officials (PGMOL) held an emergency meeting aimed to the VAR and top-flight refrees following last weekend most bungling errors.

The meeting held in at Stockley Park headed by new Chief Refereeing Officer Howard Webb, focused on reviewing and eradicating VAR errors in Premier League matches in order to delivering high officiating standards for the benefit of the games.

“There was a focus on error prevention and a reinforcement of best practice process with the aim of achieving accurate outcomes in an efficient manner going forward,” a statement from the PGMOL indicated.

Following last weekend incidents in two separate games, match between Arsenal-Brentford and Brighton Hove Albion-Crystal Palace, VAR fell below expectations. In Arsenal›s draw with Brentford, VAR reportedly failed to spot an offside play in Brentford›s goal build -up. In the last incident, Brighton’s opener was ruled out as a result of the lines being drawn from the wrong defender.

VAR errors, as acknowledged by PGMOL on Sunday, left the victim clubs fuming especially Arsenal as they were denied important points and missed their chance to move eight points clear.

It has now proven this was not the first time controversial VAR decisions have happened in English Premier League leading to different teams dropping points this season. In fact, it has happened on four separate occasions.

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