Thursday, February 29

Real Madrid crowned champions of Europe 

The Spanish leaders wins another UCL trophy as they take a narrow win over Liverpool in Paris. Los Blanco’s wins 1-0 in Paris to extend their dominance in the competition. The title makes it the 14th which adds to their tally of being the team with the most European champion trophies of all time. Liverpool dominated the match in the first half but could not score they had 5 shots on target in which Real Madrid had none. Despite a troubled start to the final, Madrid players were very organised and determined on the defence line at the Stade de France. Benzema scored just before the referee would blow the whistle to an end of the first half but was called off by the VAR officials for an offside. It was in the 60th minute when Federico Valverde came out running on the right line in passing by three defenders and made it easy to make a through pass to Vinicius Junior who scored his fourth goal of the competition goal of the match. Ancelotti’s men showed no fear or panic and were very focused on lifting the trophy. Liverpool was determined to equalise after numerous shots on targets but failed as Courtois made major saves. One would describe it as a lucky season for Real Madrid in the UCL competition as they made wonders winning from major teams like PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City in the semi-final.

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