Monday, September 25

Security Association Of Namibia  on Illegal Strikes

By Laimi Nghidimbwa

David Nuuyoma, the president of the security association of Namibia ( SAN ) distances their association from the strike influenced by some political party that took place at Namibia  protection services (NPS) parade, which transpired on 09 may 2022.In the same vein, SAN would like to inform the public and any other stakeholders that as per the extension collective agreement within the security industry, government Gazette of the republic of Namibia 15 September 2017 No. 6414 under subsection (5) of section 71 of the labor act, 2007 act No. 11, our registered members with SAN do adhere to the agreement through a signed declaration required by our clients compliance list.

The security association of Namibia would like to plead with its members and stakeholders to continue working together as has been the case, and not allow any form of political influence, as negotiations and discussions are still ongoing to address the several issues that continue to impact the sector, said Nuuyoma.

The association also pleads for the intervention of the relevant stakeholders and the MOLIREC pertaining to illegal strikes to be brought to book as this instigates anarchy and possible riots within the republic of Namibia, said Nuuyoma.

In addition, he emphasised that, as much as SAN does not condone the contravention of the minimum wage for security officers and guards, at the same time it finds it difficult to fathom the actions of a political party in labor matters shunning standing procedures and laws of a sovereign country.We further take issue with the procurement board, public entities and private clients to discontinue deliberate setting security tender contracts rate at less than N$ 11.00 per hour as a qualification criteria when adjudicating the awarding of tender contracts to the lowest bidders, as this also adds labor unrest and dispute relating to the payment of security officers minimum hourly wages, said Nuuyoma.

The security Association of Namibia president, urges all its members as well as their clients to immediately act against any perpetrators who disrupt their operations with harmful intentions by requesting the aid of the Namibian police, obtaining court interdicts and or opening criminal cases.

Photo: Namibian Sun

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