Monday, September 25

Septembers’ array of festivals and expos

Love Damini Tour, Windhoek showground, SB09 festival, Oshikombo 30 to Oniipa Cultural festival and Nakambale ELCIRN church expo, in the month of September hosted a vast of social, business and religious events. The local economy made some big scores and participants brought entertainment and lifetime memories. We are going to look at some highlights from some of these events.


Arguably, the best concert ever in the land of the brave, Burna Boy’s Damini music album tour landed in Windhoek on October 25th. Fans from all walks of life came to have a good time at Hage Geingob Stadium. Representing the local music industry, Gazza, King Tee Dee, PDK, Ethnix, KP Illest, Dj Castro, Yezzir and others showed up with striking performances. The event saw a sale of over xxx tickets for a one-day musical event.


Having been there since 1899, the event continues to be one of the must go to Windhoek events. This year, the event gave a chance to exhibitors from different industries to showcase their products and services. Overwhelmed organizers for this year’s 9 days festival described it as a success.

“It was truly an amazing and successful event. Thanks to you, ” said Mr. Harald Schmidt, Windhoek Show Society Executive Vice-President.


Again! King Tee Dee broke silence with the third annual music and sport festival. The expo took place at the UNAM sports stadium.

On the journey to the main event that saw electric performers by local and SA artists, the sports complex was filled with stalls of local exhibitors showcasing their products. Makhadzi from SA was one of the main performers at the event.


Self-proclaimed Namibia’s greatest of all times (G.O.A.T), well known Exit Rockaz, celebrated his 15 years in the music industry with the OSHIKOMBO 30 music festival. The 1 week-long event is believed to be one of the biggest northern festivals to be hosted so far in 2022. No international face, but all local artists will entertain the crowd. The event gave an opportunity to SME exhibitors. Exit baptized the event with the launch of his 13th studio album titled “Oshikombo 30”. The event is believed to be held every year from now. 

Blessed tradings: Bringing business to the community of Walvis Bay, Nakambale ELCRN church recently held their business expo. The expo was held at Kuisebmund Stadium in Walvis Bay where exhibitors were allowed to showcase their businesses. For obvious reasons, no alcohol was sold at the expo. Counselling services were also among the service stalls. The crowd was entertained by gospel artists like Martin Uukunde.

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