By Samuel Daniel

LPM’s Youth Command Element will launch an Integrated Youth Development Strategy. Ndala Duminga, secretary of the  LMP’s Youth Command Element said this at a press conference on Wednesday which was held in Windhoek.

The strategy is aimed at enhancing the youth`s ability to access opportunities and participate in the broader economy.  “It will expand the range of opportunities for young people in various sectors such as sports, education, fishing, tourism and procurement,” she said. 

She further explained that the national youth policy, which was launched last year, does not speak to how young people will benefit in the various sectors.  

Ndala added that the strategy would address and present opportunities for young people to access better opportunities and funding. It will also create a framework within all youth-related work.

She further said that, all ministries would be required to have a budget dedicated to young people it should not be the role of the youth ministry only.  “This is the only way that will enhance young people to have access to opportunities if each ministry has a youth budget, ” she said. 

According to the youth element, the strategy will also supplement the national youth policy.

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