Sunday, February 25

The Cape Excessive Court Room Is Hearing A Case About Unpleased Learners In Western Cape 

By Samuel Daniel 

The education department of the western Cape informed the court that students would be in school this week,hence it did not take place. 

It  have been weeks since the Western Cape training Department told the Western Cape excessive court docket that seven unplaced pupils could be starting faculty

However following the file of Sikeyi’s year battle to locate placement at a school in the district, officials from the department contacted Sikeyi and acknowledge that she would be positioned at a school in Ottery.

On the time, Sikeyi shared with GroundUp news agency that she was excited after receiving a phone call as she became dropping hope of ever starting excessive faculty this year. 

The education branch is yet to arrange shipping to the college in Ottery as Sikeyi’s grandmother cannot afford the shipping fees as stipulated.

“I was over the moon with pleasure when I heard from the officials that I will be positioned at a college, but now they had been quiet and I am worried. I have already wasted the entire  years sitting at home doing nothing,” Sikeyi said.

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