Sunday, February 25

The transcendental political consciousness of our time

•Jeronimo Nghilunanye Kateya

The people of Erongo region have come to the realization that democracy implies participation in any election because they consciously believe in the fundamental process of economic transformation.

Our contemporary politics should be a politics of real transformation that addresses economic issues

It must not be an obsolete politics of shaming nor degrading other political beings.

It must be a politic that addresses the unemployment rate in Namibia. It must be a politics that critically questions the philosophical contradictions of being rich in mineral resources hence her less than 2.5 million people are constantly languishing in poverty. It must be a politics where the questioner questioned the question of real metaphysics.

Our contemporary politics should be characterized by ongoing education and enlightening citizens on the importance of democracy, the importance to participate in the election and the knowledge that constitutes our constitution and thus defeating ignorance.

We must not forget that we are brothers and sisters regardless of our political groupings.

The Hegelian dialectical philosophy of thesis-antithesis-synthesis should help us to create a reconciling economy through metanoia and create a harmonious society whilst striving for the highest good which is happiness (summum bonnum).

Thus, in our time, our enlightened citizens want s to perceive practical actions, outcome indicators than countless talks and reflections. We ought to become doers of our own words.

Jeronimo Nghilunanye Kateya is a paradigmatic philosopher-theologian.

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