Sunday, February 25

Upperlife to the World

By Chuma Mubumbe

Balancing entertainment mujolo activities and work is quite challenging for professionals, paired up in the mix of the industry. With the duo Upperlife DJ’s, it is a massive gig and they know how to get away on setting the bar high for excitement.

“For the streets” has been a trend and people tend to use it as a phrase for “na enjoyment” particularly for freeing your mind vibes and going out to various places with friends, family, and colleagues, especially if you know your favorite is yet to showcase an event on a specific day such as Upperlife, they are on the get-go when it comes to the desks of mixing.

Upperlife DJs have totally driven themselves to an A-Level top-class spot, their skills are unique in a format of a huge car engine, beyond unbelievable performers.

News Wave Media Reporter got a chance for a Question and Answer session.

Q. Who is Upperlife?

A. DJ Nico: “Upperlife is a duo made up of two DJ’s namely DJ Nico and DJ Dla.”

Q. How did you get to know each other?

A. DJ Dla: “We started off as bartenders at a club called DMT at that time and we clicked automatically. We saw DJ’s come in and out and challenged ourselves to learn the Art.”

Q. What is your professional Occupation?

A. DJ Dla: “I studied Law and I am a qualified legal adviser.”

DJ Nico: “I studied Geometrics and I am a land surveyor by profession.”

Q. It must be tiring to keep up with work, then get into the Upperlife zone. How do you balance work and side gigs?

A. DJ Nico: “I mean we have been doing this since our college days, we work at night and go for classes in the morning, so it is basically in our blood.”

DJ Dla: “I remember how we struggled during lockdown days, cause we could not sleep, the body was too used, lol.”

Q. Upperlife DJ’s, what gigs are you expecting this coming weekend?

A. DJ Dla: “Okay, uhm, on Friday we have a gig by Vivasso Lounge in Eros, upstairs of Kubata Restaurant.”

DJ Nico: “Then we have our usual residency at The Catch on Saturday and it is a Ballers Night, something we look forward to every weekend. On Sunday, yho, that is the big event, we will be sharing the stage with the ‘Abo Mvelo’ hit maker Daliwonga, all the way from Mzansi, at The Catch.”

DJ Dla: “I mean, we and  lot of people have been anticipating for him to come, which is going to be an outstanding and memorable performance, because we are going to rock the city this Sunday.”

Q. In case someone out there would like to book you in and also follow you on social media platforms, what is the magic information?

A. DJ Nico: “They can send us a DM on our Instagram accounts for more enquires and can follow as well @nico_upperlife and mandla._upperlife.”


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