Sunday, February 25

Witness speaks on fatal schoolboy incident

By: Laimi Nghidimbwa

“I was taking my papers to the office, while I was talking with my friend, I heard tyres scratching, when I turned around to look, I saw a kid on the ground, a Grade 1 boy, as soon as the man hit the child, he took a blanket to cover him, the teachers ran to the scene and took the boy to the office, few minutes later, we saw police cars, and we were told to go back inside the class”, recalls Lucas shipandeni, a learner at Charles Anderson combined school.

This was at the scene where a seven year old boy lost his life yesterday at a school in ongwediva when he was hit by a  speeding car. 

” I tried everything that I could, but my son was already gone”, the saddened father of the victim  stated.

Sylvia Mingana, a teacher at the school said that, ” it was such a tragic incident for a father to witness the death of his son at that moment, one should never have to experience such a horrific incident. We are grieving with the family, the whole school is grieving, and may God comfort everyone who was affected by this incident”, she said. 

The driver of a range rover has been arrested. And details of the fatal incident are under investigation.


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