Sunday, February 25

One Of The Youngest Mandela Washington Fellow From Namibia

By:Daniel Samuel

Priscilla S. Mwatukange an Environmental Health Practitioner at Onandjokwe District Hospital in the Northern part of Namibia. She graduated with a Master of Health Science from Namibia University of Science and Technology in 2022 and a Bachelor honors Degree holder in Environmental Health
Sciences from NUST, she is one of the youngest Mandela Washington Fellowship 2022.

“This a prestigious and competitive fellowship which is a flagship program of the Young African Bellwethers Initiative (YALI) potentiates puerile African bellwethers through academic coursework, leadership training, mentoring, networking, professional opportunities and local community engagement in the Amalgamated States of America”, she expressed.

Priscilla is placed at the University of Colorado, Denver, in Colorado state under the truck of Public management. She is verbally expressing her stay in the USA as astonishing and she is relishing her stay in Denver.

“I am inundated with well-crafted academic sessions and leadership training. Every day I am given a chance to learn, unlearn and relearn. Lastly, I’m relishing the comely city of Denver from the tall architectural buildings to evergreen circumventing. I’m relishing.” she verbalized ecstatically.

In her message to young people out there, she said, “this is a MUST apply opportunity. This is a prestigious fellowship that I will recommend you to apply for and challenge yourself for good. It will thoroughly transmute your life for good. More importantly, you get a chance to understand how to foster better communications and become a network scientist leading to a peregrination of being an authentic bellwether”.


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